Effective vitamins for everyone

The best complexes for any solution in the UAE


A great all-in-one solution for families, men and girls. Here you will find products for every purpose: for peace of mind, bone health and more. You no longer need to look for vitamin complexes. Now it's all in one place.

Alym Sayery


Choose For You

Bone for you (Calcium + Vitamin D+K) - 99aed

Calcium is a vital bone material for people of all ages. This combination of ingredients is considered one of the best for rapid absorption

SuperBone for you (Calcium + Vitamin D+K2) - 99aed

An improved version of the already known vitamins. Ideal for those with an active lifestyle: athletes, farmers, sailors, construction workers

Relax for you (Magnesium+B6) - 99aed

It's time to take the pressure off of you. This complex already shows excellent results after 5 days of use. You are calm - everyone around you is happy

Care for you (Iron+Vitamin C+B6+B12) - 99aed

Taking care of the immune system has recently become a very topical issue. This option is also good for the human circulatory system

Multivitamin for you - 99aed

Essential vitamins for comprehensive care of all systems of your body. Balanced composition of b6, b1, b2, vitamin C, B12

Multivitamins for Kids - 99aed

The main vitamins for the development of your child. The dosage is calculated for human weight up to 35 kg. Balanced composition of B6, B1, B2, vitamin C, B12, calcium

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The best vitamins I've tried. I have been drinking Multivitamin complex for the second season. The effect is really noticeable


Sali Harum


I had bone problems. After taking one course it changed for the better. Now I only take them.


Davil Samyr